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Request service of roadside assistance in Ajax if your vehicle was in an accident

Updated: May 27, 2022

accident recovery in Ajax

Roadside assistance is an important cover that all the owners of a vehicle have to purchase so that they can get immediate aid from insurers if there is an emergency. It helps vehicle owners to provide roadside service if their vehicle has mechanical issues on the road. There are 35.7 million registered vehicles in Ajax. Therefore, there will be a need for roadside assistance in Ajax.

Causes of vehicle accidents

There are several causes for which accidents occur. Some of the main reasons for which accidents occur are rash driving, potholes, alcohol consumption, over-speeding, fatigue, etc. It has been found that the 3 main reasons for road accidents in Canada are speeding (28%), drunk driving (23%), and distraction of drivers (29%). Due to these reasons, these vehicles get seriously damaged. Therefore, accident recovery in Ajax will be needed. Calling up roadside assistance in Ajax can help you in 2 ways. Either they will provide you with a solution over the phone or they will come and provide the necessary service that you need.

Kelly Roadside Assistance

Kelly Roadside Assistance is one of the best roadside assistance service providers all over Canada. The company is a family-run business and is in this field for more than 10 years. The company provides a variety of roadside assistance services including accident recovery. The other services that the company provides are lockout service, flat tire change service, delivery of fuel if vehicles run out of gas, winching as well as extrication services, flatbed towing, specialized towing, and long-distance towing, localized towing, battery jumpstart, etc. The company endeavors to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Choose Kelly Roadside Assistance for vehicle assistance on roads

Kelly Roadside Assistance is reliable for roadside assistance needs. The company provides the best services in Durham and Ontario region. The company can work with the vehicle owner and the assurance company for providing high-quality services if there is an accident. Choose Kelly Roadside Assistance because:

  • The company provides its services from 7 AM to midnight. Therefore, they provide service almost all through the day.

  • The company has smooth and fast service in both Ontario as well as in Durham region.

  • The company can tow the vehicle that has faced an accident and can carry it to a repair shop.

  • The company provides affordable services so that anyone can opt for their services.

To know more visit or contact 905-391-4910

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