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Contact roadside assistance in Port Hope for jump-starting up your car battery

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

 battery boost  in Port Hope

The battery is the electrical powerhouse of any vehicle. You cannot start the engine of your car if the car battery is down. Port Hope, a Southern Ontario municipality has approximately 6,000 vehicle drivers. The drivers can face a different kinds of vehicle issues such as their car battery might be dying. Therefore, you will need a battery boost in Port Hope with the help of roadside assistance in Port Hope.

Why your car battery is dying?

1. You should not keep the dome light or the headlight on for prolonged hours during the night when you don’t need them. Otherwise, it will drain your car’s battery.

2. The battery of your car might be in poor condition. There might be small drainage of power such as the memory function of the radio that can kill a weak battery.

3. A faulty charging system can also cause problems as your battery will not be charged as fast as your battery gets drained. Having a loose or faulty alternator can also cause the battery to not charge properly.

4. There is a possibility that the connections of the battery will get corroded over time. This will encumber the battery charging which in turn will be the reason behind battery discharging.

5. There can be issues of parasitic drains about battery charging. These parasitic drains are hard to locate but they can fully damage the batteries.

6. If the battery of your car is old then there is a chance that your battery is losing its recharging capacity. Usually, a car battery's lifespan is around 3 years. If you are passing through Port Hope and your car battery is more than 3 years old, it is advisable to keep the contact details of roadside assistance in Port Hope.

Kelly Roadside assistance

Kelly Roadside Assistance is a family-run roadside assistance service. The company provides its service in Durham and its nearby region. Kelly Roadside Assistance provides different types of services for its clients such as towing, fuel delivery, extrication and winching, flat tire change, battery boost, recovery service, etc. The company has been providing quality service at an affordable price for the past 10 years.

Why hire them?

· Kelly Roadside Assistance provides on-the-spot rapid support service for its clients. They provide service from 7 AM till midnight.

· The technician tests the instrument cluster for alerts and checks the voltage of the battery. They carefully jumpstart the battery of the car.

· The company will provide you with essential maintenance tips and recommendations. You can contact them to get a quote for free.

To know more click or call 905-391-4910

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