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Contact a tow truck service in Oshawa for roadside vehicle assistance

Updated: May 27, 2022

 flatbed tow truck in Oshawa.

It has been found that 1 person gets into an accident in Oshawa every 15 hours. In 2010 alone there were more than 200,000 roadside accidents. If a vehicle gets damaged assistance will be required to carry the vehicle, fix the vehicle, and for many other reasons. Therefore, there is a need for tow truck service in Oshawa.

Why tow truck service is important?

There are several reasons why a tow truck is needed. Some of these are:

  1. A towing service will help the damaged vehicle to get off the road. It will help in sending the car to a garage or a service station.

  2. When a car is having problems with the engine, the car can be towed. The towing company can fix the engine problems then and there. If it is not being possible to fix it there then it can be brought to a service station.

  3. A tow truck can help if the vehicle is stuck due to snow or because of mud. A tow truck can also help in towing when the battery of the vehicle is dead.

Kelly Roadside Assistance

Kelly Roadside Assistance is a tow truck service company that has tow truck service in Oshawa. It is a family-run company that has been in the business for more than 10 years. The company offers a range of tow truck services. They provide recovery and lockout service, flat tire change, battery jumpstart, fuel delivery, specialized towing, local and long-distance towing, winching, extrication service, etc. For various kinds of needs, they have a flatbed tow truck in Oshawa. Customer satisfaction is very important for the company and therefore their pricing is quite affordable.

Why hire Kelly Roadside Assistance for tow truck service?

  • The tow trucks of the company including the flatbed tow truck can carry motorcycles, ATVs, and trailers to small coupes.

  • The company provides towing services for a long distance from 7 AM to 12 AM. Therefore, customers can call at any time within this period for their towing needs.

  • The company helps to provide diesel or gasoline if someone gets run out of gas.

  • The company has rapid and flexible service from Durham to the Ontario area.

  • The company offers economical pricing as well as auto establishments. The company can handle auto fleets and auctions. The company can also work with the assurance company of the customers if need be.

For more information visit or contact 905-391-4910

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